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Looking for new blinds, we welcome you to visit our Showroom and look at our wide range of Interior window products including Slimline Venetians, 50mm TimberStyle Venetians, Verticals, Blockout Rollers, Sunscreen Rollers and an extensive range of Cellular/Honeycomb Blinds.

There is an extensive choice of quality fabrics and colours to co-ordinate with your existing rooms or your new home. Your custom made blinds will be manufactured with high quality products and componentry and our professional installers will guide you through the correct operation and care of your selected blinds.

All our window coverings are made to measure with quality products and guarantees. Do not settle for cheap imitations that will not last and cannot be repaired.


We can offer great discounts on SUPPLY ONLY Products.

A lot of people don't need us to come and measure and with SUPPLY ONLY you will save valuable dollars.

You can view all our products and Fabrics in our Showroom, select your blinds and supply us with you measurements. When your blinds are ready, you can collect them with all brackets and fittings supplied also, then install yourself. You will be surprised how easy it is and saving you money.

Timberstyle Venetian Blinds

The Venetian blind is one of the most economical and practicable window coverings. This is why they are so often selected as a cost effective way to cover every window in your home, business, rental or commercial property.

They offer superior light control and light diffusion, controlling the sun that is coming into your room with just the tilt of the wand. Perfect for those sunny days when you don’t want to darken your room just to stop the sun coming in. You can also control the amount of privacy you want, not allowing people to see in, be it from the street or up close, just by the tilt of the wand. A tight close will give you total privacy.

As with all our blinds, Venetians are custom made ensuring a perfect fit and accommodating your individual needs and preferences. Their sleek look and wide selection of colours compliments any décor or room. With a selection of Venetians to choose from including Aluminium 50mm Traditional, 25mm Slimline, Micro, Timber and for an alternative for real Timber at a fraction of the price, TimberStyle Blinds.

Slimline Venetian Blinds

Jay’s Blinds manufacture Slimline Blinds in their factory in Derwent Park. They are locally made with quality componentry and there is a wide selection of colours to choose from. All our blinds are colour co-ordinated with base rails, head boxes, cords and string tapes. We welcome you comparing the thicker gauge of our slat and the overlap giving you a superior quality venetian.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great for doors as well as windows. They provide privacy and protection from the sun allowing for light to filter through and still have benefiting with views. A tilting of the blades will allow you to reveal light and views or give privacy to your home.

Customers have the choice for their Verticals to be made in a one way stack or centre opening. Available in Chain or Chainless or sew in weights. There is also a choice of blade widths of 89mm, 100mm, 127mm depending on your preference and need. There is a wide selection of Fabrics and colours available.

Panel Blinds

These light and easy to operate modern blinds can be used in so many parts of the home or building and will enhance any décor. The wide flat panels of fabric are light and easy to operate with either a cord or wand system and a choice of one way opening or opening from the centre.

With a wide selection of fabrics including Blockout and Light Filtering, the uses of this practical blind are endless. Perfect to control heat, light and privacy depending on fabric selection. They can be matched with Holland, Vertical and Roman Blinds.

Blockout Roller Blinds

The Blockout blind has been given a touch of class with the incredible choice of fabrics and colours available, catering for every budget and every room. The practical and functional blinds will give you privacy where you need it. The ease of operation with choice of manual or chain operated system and colour co-ordinated fittings.

A Blockout blind will add style and practical function for all your windows. Combined this with a Sunscreen or Translucent blind on a dual roller system and you will have sun protection or light diffusion during the day and privacy at night. Sunscreen Blinds give privacy during the day allowing for Light to still come through yet giving Sun Protection. Visit our Showroom to view the many different fabrics available.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen blinds will reduce energy and cooling costs and who doesn’t want a cheaper power bill. These Fire retardant products keep the heat and UV out whilst still retaining your views and allowing natural light to filter in.

With an extensive choice of fabrics and colours to select from, you can co-ordinate any room. Base rails can be matched with fabric and by using contrasting base rail or chain, give your room an added touch. Plastic or Metal Chains available.

These traditional blinds are back in vogue again. With a vast selection of fabrics to choose from, they can add a touch of glamour to any room whilst being a practicable blockout blind at the same time. Choice of Front and Rear Battens, Rear Battens or sew in pockets you can achieve a variety of looks. Available in Cord or Chain Operation.

Cellular Blinds

These popular blinds with pockets that trap air as insulators are perfect for the Tasmanian Winter. They are energy efficient with choices of Translucent , Sheer or Block Out Fabrics in Double or Single Cells. 10mm or 20mm Cells available. As the fabric is light weight and delicate, these blinds are perfect for arched or angled windows including skylights. As well as the traditional cellular blinds, you can select from:

  • Day/Night Blinds – 2 fabrics on 1 blind, Translucent and Blockout
  • Top Down/Bottom Up – allows blinds to be raised from bottom and lowered from the top
  • Easyrise System - Continuous Cord
  • Cordless
  • Lift and Lock

As with all our products, our Cellular Blinds are made in Australia with quality components.

Sheer Rollers

For the latest look in window coverings, these modern blinds will compliment any decor giving privacy when needed and allowing the light to filter through when required. The delicate fabric is available in a wide selection of colours and textures. Their sleek look gives the appearance of a pelmet when pulled up and a beautiful feature of your room when let down.

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